Who is David Wallace of Sugar Land?

With nearly 40 years of professional expertise in acquiring and forming more than 100 companies and partnerships, Sugar Land, Texas, resident David Wallace is a successful entrepreneur, author, and consultant. In addition to serving on the boards of many private and public firms, he has successfully acquired billions of dollars in stock and debt from public and private sector investment sources.

Mr. Wallace is renowned for his volunteerism, humanitarian endeavors, and professional career. He was mayor of Sugar Land, Texas, for three terms. He also had a leadership position at the United States Conference of Mayors, serving on the Executive Committee and co-chairman of the Urban Water Council and the National Homeland Security Task Force. A vice president on the board of directors of the Texas One Economic Development Corporation, he was also a member of the State and Local Officials Senior Advisory Committee of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council. Furthermore, he was a National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s Advisory Board member.

Mr. Wallace is chairman and CEO of DGW Consultants, LLC, a Houston, Texas-based independent private consulting company. Since February 2015, he has worked with various investors, businesses, and senior management in early-stage, technology-related enterprises, real estate development, accelerators, and incubators, emphasizing high-growth, international start-up businesses.

Overall, David Wallace is regarded with great respect in the business sector and the communities he works with. He has become a respected leader and member of society due to his broad professional background and dedication to humanitarian work and community involvement.

David Wallace has written articles and given talks for the ICSC on retail development and public-private partnerships issues. He has participated in various ICSC conferences and events around the United States and Canada as a moderator, panelist, keynote speaker, and workshop presenter.

In Shreveport, Louisiana, in November 2013, David moderated the ICSC Shreveport Alliance Program. His topic was “Navigating the Public Sector to Capitalize on Main Street.” In September of that same year, he participated as a panelist and moderator at the ICSC Western Division Conference in San Diego, California. He spoke on “Deal or No Deal with P3”.

David gave the opening keynote address on “Community Development Through Public-Private Partnership” at the ICSC Atlantic Provinces Idea Exchange in New Brunswick, Canada, in August 2012. He spoke on a panel as a guest speaker in May 2012 at the ICSC Texas State Alliance Program in New Braunfels, Texas, where he said, “Downtown Revitalization.”

David discussed “Public-Private Real Estate Investments” as a panelist at the ICSC RECon Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, in May 2011. In February 2011, he delivered the keynote address at the ICSC Washington State Alliance Program in Bellevue, Washington, on “Positioning Your Community: Bridging the Gap with Public-Private Partnerships.”

David has written several articles for the ICSC, such as “Vision, Leadership, Commitment, Flexibility, and Experience: A Model Public-Private Partnership” in the magazine’s 18th issue (published in 2011) and “Changing the Economics of Retail Development with Public-Sector Capital” in its 16th issue (published in 2009).

David has written two books in addition to his work with the ICSC. The ICSC released “Retail Development Through Public-Private Partnerships” in 2011. His second book, “ONE NATION UNDER BLOG: Forget the Facts, Believe What I Say,” was released in 2008 by Dallas, Texas’ Brown Books Publishing. Additionally, he provided writing assistance for other books, such as “Safeguarding Homeland Security: Governors and Mayors Speak Out” in 2009 and “Shame Happens… The Cancel Culture: 12 Steps of Resilience on Your Path to Redemption” in 2020.